Wednesday, February 29, 2012


Sorry about a lack in the life has been consumed with WORK FUN and where to start...HMMM

Things that have happened since October:

-for one I enjoyed some great holidays with family and friends :)
-KNOCKED out 55lbs off the scale....
-TOOK 2nd place in the NATION in Sales for my company (which also entails a free trip to PALM BEACH
-this coming weekend...i have a bridesmaids shower for Danielle....i am so HONORED to be in her wedding :) in high school we werent friends at funny how things change in life
-CRUISE as you all know i was planning on a cruise in Feb i went and made it back had the TIME OF MY LIFE...such a great experience.....anyways thats a lil of how my first part of 2012 has went MORE DETAILS TO COME LATER

Friday, October 21, 2011


Well today i got up early and worked i would feel better about missing this evening :) working today ALONE no COWORKER yessssssssssss for u who know me well know that he drives me bonkers 99% of the time!!! also i will be meeting malinda for lunch and to visit YAY!!! then this evening doing dinner with friends :))

Saturday- WELLL coming in early to workout and then WORKING blah and then back to the gym for a bit....hitting it hard this week i gained a 1/2lb and it totally PISSED me off LOL....then meeting some ladies from JC that want to go through old clothing im selling and after completing all this my mother and i will be having early dinner/late lunch at madisons....i have been craving a combo salad YUMMMMMM also u can buy the creamy italian dressing and im needing some to have here at work...that stuff is amazing....THEN heading home to clean and search for last years halloween costume...found the sash and cookie bag...but who knows where the rest of it ARE LOL....and watching some BASEBALL!!!!!

Sunday- CHURCH then hangn out at HOME  cleaning relaxing....then heading to the gym for awhile HOPEFULLY playing some cards im really wanting to play BAD!

Monday, October 10, 2011

BEEN awhile: better CATCH up

So i believe i left off like SEPT 29.... wellllll its OCTOBER!!! i have done alot of fun things since i last wrote everyone....first on the list OCTOBERFEST for renees birthday it was a BLAST...well i think pieces of the NITE are MISSING....also i last stated the beginning of the BIGGEST loser...previously from starting that i was down 11lbs....weighed in last week and lost 5 1/2 and TOMORROW is the big weigh in day again : / yikes i always worry LOL...

this past weekend i will give u a bit of rundown on what i did....Friday i was in potosi working and then went to Emily Holtzclaws (spelling) for Missys scentsy/tupperware was a nice nite enjoyed some snacks and won an attendence prize it was ascentsy plug in that matches my room...yay ME! then that evening jennifer and i went to applebees and get dinner and just visit seems like forever since i have got to sit down and talk to her

then onto SATURDAY...worked at the store...hit the gym and came home to get ready for a lil girls nite...Malinda Sarah and i went to jc and ate dinner it was a nice nite also did a lil shopping andthen came back to town....after that Malinda and i did go to the pub for a bit....although i didnt drink a drop it was very nice to visit with everyone and catch up with ELLIE....

Sunday...a whole lot of NOTHING went to brinktown with my momma then relaxed at home....cleaned the room getting more things ready for a sale

THATS all....BORING i know lol

Thursday, September 29, 2011


Well folks hows it going!??!?! BIGGEST loser started Tuesday which is kind of excitng...u know the one at the Vienna school....WELL im on a team with a great group of girls....altho i started dieting 3weeks still motivated and losing fast...which is awesome...actually i was at the gym at 8am ran for 30mins....FEELS great!!!!!!!!!!!!!! taking tomorrow off to clean and relax its been a LONG im having alot of problems with my wisdom teeth so VERY lil sleep....HOPE EVERYONE has a great THURSDAY!!!!!

Tuesday, September 27, 2011


Sorry everyone with the craziness going on in my family and life.....JUST getting a post up ok....lets do a week recap

Wednesday: hmmmmm i was off due to death in the family spent the day CLEANING out the mustang and polishing it up, then went to jc that evening with Malinda and did a bit of shopping and had dinner was a good truly BLESSED to have such a great friend :)

Thursday: got up early and met miss Ellie in taos....we went YARD saling...didnt get alot found clothes for lil parker and a sit &spin, also got my niece Danielle an abercrombie sweater and of course found Carter some pants and a shirt that says "i dig high school chics" HOW cute right....also found myself a sweater and CUTEST purple pants...made like khakis but light purple .50 LOVE them...super funny the chick having the sale SERIOUSLY we had numerous things alike and the same size it was hilarious....then we went and had lunch at madisons with my old boss MARY....most people leave a job bc of their boss i on the other hand ALMOST didnt accept my position bc i hated losing her, which if anyone knows the job i took was a huge advancement $$wise plus half the drive time and also the fact that im no longer in a call center...which i loved my old job and i love this one  SOMEDAYS lol...but she treated both of us to lunch shes such a sweet person and i tried to leave jc without going by Centurylink but well i missed everyone and leaving there ellie was like i see why it was hard to quit everyone was SOOO excited to see u...i made lots of friends there and miss each and EVERY one of them daily thank goodness for IM through work :) that evening was the visitation...which was sooooo HARD...i dont remember much of my uncle but to see my cousins so tore up really hurt me....jacki and i became extremely close over these last couple of years and seeing her hurting REALLY hurt me ....also my cousin trish and kati were in town one is from potosi and the other is from colorado...we went out that evening and had dinner to catch up....not gonna lie with all this food i had and stuff i still managed to destroy the gym and lose 4lbs this week....EVEN going to madisons my favorite resteraunt i had a small salad and garlic proud of me YAY...kickin this diets behind/...

Friday: Started off the day early and went to the really not an emotional person and when i am its alone and not in public so i was there to comfort my family in this trying day...sounds odd but since my father passed away when i was 6 ive always been the tough one there to take care of everyone else...guess its kind of my role in the family....we then went out to the cemetary and to aunt jennis church for a meal....saw more family which is always great....i really havent been close with my moms family simply bc they all live farther away but bc of FACEBOOK which i know everyone thinks is the devil i have been able to keep in contact with everyone which is wonderful :) then that evening MORE gym time after the homemade mac n cheese LOL was going to meet trish and jacki but instead hit kacies jordan essentials party and then came back to my brothers home to see his wife and her friends and just chat and spend time together ok PEOPLE i may be getting older but id rather go home and hit the sack these days when i have to work the next day LOL

Saturday: CAME to work....slow day which was GREAT i had a lot to catch up on....also WORKED out alot...havent missed a day that week...WOOHOO for me...then met Sarah and Malinda PLUS my buddy lil tyler...hes so cute!! we went out and ate dinner at the eagles and spent time visiting again one of my favorite things to do....then went home and chilled didnt do much....which im ok with....slept in late

Sunday: Missed church which im not proud goal is to make it every week even tho karen is gone i really enjoy pastor mikes message and it always makes me feel so much better and READY for the week ahead! i had a tupperware/scentsy party at karis house we had a good turnout made lots of food and friends visited....kari is always so great to let me do things there and i was happy she was able to get some free things from scentsy :) then that evening kacie tc malinda and i played cards....then BACK to the gym i went just makes me feel better about life to get in there and sweat anyways thats ALL FOLKS ...

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

the week AHEAD...

well today is my last day till Saturday due to a death in the uncle passed away last week...kind of upset me that the guy who works under me had the RIGHT to ask me why i was taking all 3days when i have been working alone for the past month and doing EVERYTHING bc he had a new baby, supposedly lost another grandma (jury is still out on if its true) and then his wife was not coping well with 3children UNDER 3..not one time did i tell him he had to come in or even expect him to be here during all of this ....well NOW his wife is wanting him home another week....well unfortunately things have happened in my life that make me unable and that JERK has the RIGHT to think he can say that....SORRY that was my rant of the day....anyways i have a LOT of family time planned for the next few days....and tomorrow morning im going to get some cleaning done and get my funeral clothes dry cleaned....Saturday i will be working so that no one else has to come in...then off to dinner with the girls at the eagles :)

Monday, September 19, 2011

Weekend recap:

Friday- went to Malindas tupperware party enjoyed some yummy snacks....SARAH always has good food and spent time visiting with friends and purchased a few things for christmas gifts :) then spent the rest of the nite cuddled inside under the covers watching movies :)

Saturday-worked then WORKED woke up super early so took advantage of hitting the gym twice that day!! then home to take a shower and relax before heading to st robert and having dinner with some was a GREAT time!!!! came home and drove to argyle didnt stop decided covers and movies sounded better once again :)

Sunday- woke up early went to church, then off to my sister n laws for a CRUISE luncheon got everything ready and all the rules and TIPS for the cruise im taking in February.....YAY!! after this went home for a couple hours before meeting malinda and kacie to go to danielles 31 party...again visited friends and purchased a couple of things....yay then spent the nite and tc and kacies playing pitch SUPER fun and thats ALL folks....weekend OVER